The world as it is now. (to me that is)

IS SCREWED. The world is screwed. Okay there’s no need to panic but, in a sense it well and truly is. This is the age where people need a motivation, more often than not in the form of materialistic reward, to be able to gladly (sometimes not so even) carry out certain tasks or whatever. Practical Practical Practical whatever. Does life has to be so practical? It practically takes the essence out of ”life”. In the sense of spontaneous living, living for the moment kind of thing. Why do people always think of doing A to get B? Life is never so direct(at least thats what i learned after 16 years or so). What we ought to be looking at is how life uncannily enriches us without us knowing it. Or more specifically, i am referring to how a particular incident (case study) gave me insight into this phenomena.

Was on the train back home, with john. He confirmed what i feared (HAHA have i said this phrase somewhere before). That is, that weejie’s newfound attitude and lack of willingness to participate can be founded upon the fact that he is not in the exco and therefore anything that he does will not be of superficial and immediate benefit to him. Well i am sure that others might have felt this way, and i cant be in a position to judge anyway, i got the biggest fish~ but what really made me disappointed was how he told john that he ”was being used” in the night hike recces and what not.

So, only the 9 exco members shall go for trainings issit.

So firstly, i am going to rant on the things i cannot change. The cca system. A good one(albeit not perfect) would be the one i had under NCC in sec sch…where everybody who had a rank would get the respective cca points. In JC, or more specifically odac, only the 9 people inside the exco would get the cca points i think. We have a history of delegating tasks to the other non-exco people (like orientation perhaps) and apparently now, some people have voiced out that THESE people do not get anything out of organizing, planning, and in short using up their precious time. I would always turn to the ”oh just do a part for the odac family uh huh” argument but truth is there really isn’t a solid, present, reward in doing it. The system should recognize such planning of activities. At the very least, dangle that carrot there pwease?

Now to the main point. The definition of benefit gets blurred in the divide between material and non material benefits. In this case, my argument is that you cannot often see, feel or realize the things u gain when you are in the midst of ”useless” activities (like odac training, no?) Who knows, your best pal might grow up to be an influencial banker in the future? The close bonds forged, to a certain extent must have contributed to one’s emotional well being right. Whatever. ok i use the word too much, must stop ler. Whatever. hahhaha

Whatever, its time to get rid of unneccesary emotional baggage.


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