The greatest power lies within the convergence of the apex of two opposites

I remember telling jacq about this before…one of my many theories in life. Okay not many but its one. She’s prolly the only one who has the sense to hear me out anyway LOL

But anyway, i just had one of the epicest moments of realization. I was reading angels and demons and there they were touching on the topic of matter and anti-matter and how ”god” created everything with its polar opposite ie. light and dark, heaven and hell. Perhaps the same goes to the Law of duality(in physics?) So anyway, matter and anti-matter, the latter being impossible to create anywhere else other than at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, were the main starlets that stupefied me. Just a little background information- anti-matter, upon coming into contact with any form of matter, be it the air, solid objects or whatnot, will result in what is known in physics as ”Annihilation”. I am not exactly sure what it is (or more possibly i am afraid of stating wrong facts -.-) but…its not something too good in the wrong hands i guess.

For far too long i have always thought of ”opposite” in the spiritual sense, good and bad, evil and kind, soft-hearted and hard-hearted.

In the book this apparent technology, or more aptly put, discovery(no such thing in the world, YET) promises to be a source of energy thats a ”thousand times more powerful than nuclear energy”(imagine that!), ”100% efficient” with ”no byproducts, pollution and so on”. It sounds so good on paper i know. But, there’s always two sides to something that wonderous isn’t it. In the wrong hands, it can indeed, hypotetically be the most devastating terrorist weapon ever. Think of the ”1000x more powerful than nuclear power” and the ability to slip past metal detectors and ITS SO FREAKING SMALL! Ok i am quoting a lot from the book but as they say, echoing the words of the wise may not be original, but you can be assured that you are right.

Anyway, point is, i really really had no knowledge of this matter and anti-matter thing untill recently. Call me naive but hey, i was more of a star wars fan, how did i know the USS Enterprise was fuelled by anti-matter -.- Besides, star wars uses more vague scientific terms(adds to the mystery u know ;P)

And just because i had no knowledge of it, the whole logic of it totally blew me off. Okay to be honest, i thought of myself as a genius for a moment there. BUT LIKE, i totally made a hypothesis and it has been proven true by somebody important(albeit fictionally =P)! Two opposites, matter and anti-matter, coming together to generate power most people have never thought possible.

Angels and Demons is a good read though. Okay more than good. Chillaxation isn’t chillaxation anymore if you have to muster up all your self-discipline to put it down, exams are near the corner you know? Like, 16 hours away. All the ”self-discipline” developed in NCC all comes to ratshit now huh.

~Life must be understood backwards. But it must be lived forwards.


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