Was reading DL today and realized now, more than ever before how far we have advanced and it is only now that i feel the palpable extent and truth behind the cliched description of ”advancement of technology”

I remember not long ago, when technology only mattered to me in the form of computer games. Perhaps it is not altogether right to call it ‘computer games’ now, with the advent of not one, not two but three gaming consoles(and yes, i do own one of them). I lived in the age where the sudden appearance of Microsoft’s Xbox really redefined the high-tech gaming scene, previously dominated by throngs and throngs of mainstream computer games like real time strategy games(Command and Conquer series) and shooting games and racing games. Of course, the widespread popularity of computer games also spawned many mediocre but interesting games, and to me that is the most fantastic game about them. Easily available, and yet novel.

The appearance of the game consoles changed my mind gradually. They offered greater graphics, greater gameplay, and the snob appeal of it really raised its popularity. Like with the Gameboy and eventually the Nintendo DS, owning a xbox console or PS2(or rather, not having one at all) set you apart from your peers. My first exposure to the world of console gaming was limited to visits to my neighbour’s house (which i still do, thank you very much davis and don) to spend quality time with them (and their xbox).

Eventually, i got my xbox 360 in the aftermath of olevels as a reward for my hard work, and therefore relished in 2 months of gaming heaven. Of course, i did not totally boycotted my neighbours (although i did preferred some alone time sometimes) for i do appreciate the camaraderie we share, toppling Liverpool or other irritating teams like China in FIFA by the smallest of margins (imagine equalising in the 94th min). With the xbox 360, the choice of games were less, but by far it supported much better game graphics then my ailing desktop computer, and so…yeah šŸ˜€

And so technology (specifically gaming tech) appeared very much fixed in their positions, relatively immobile and binding one to the constraints on one house while gaming. You can’t bring your desktop computer around, same goes to your consoles (apart from laptops).

It was then that i thought to myself in wonderment, could we ever play games on our handphones? Like, mainstream games that can be brought around and played anywhere? The absence of a mouse and qwerty keyboard, along with hardware limitations put an end to my questions. I did not think that it was possible. Sure, there are gameboys and DSes and PSPs, but the games they offer can sometimes be lacklustre(like fifa) and they belong more to the realm of consoles.
There was a time when computer games no longer needed to be played with disks, aided by emulators and cracks and whatnot. A game could be stored in a folder and transferred around, giving normal citizens like me a chance to play games like Warcraft, Counter-Strike, virtually anything as long as my friends transferred that miraculous folder to my desktop or laptop. To me, that was quite a breakthrough. If games can be contained in a folder, and as one knew by then, folders can be easily transferred to handphones, could there be a possi….NAH. There was, of course, still too many factors to be considered.

It may all be changing as we head into a new technological age. The old devices that were confined to your desks and living rooms may be rendered obsolete(okay, being too extreme here) with the coming of age of handheld entertainment (think ipad, ipone, PSPs). It seems as though globalization, with that much a focus on ”mobility” and ”convenience” has finally brought its bearing down on gaming and entertainment technology, shifting its focus to a new market, hence handing Apple the newest, biggest share of the tech pie. Apple has done so with none other than the help of its Iphone and Ipad. The future of tech lies literally, in our hands.

The next paradigm shift? Google Android’s release of its new version 2.2 OS will finally give Apple a heads up. Nicknamed Froyo, the epic thing about it will be a realization of dreams all around the world. Genuine, authentic, stable and convenient browsing, just like how one would do so on a desktop computer, except this time, it will be on your PHONE. The new flash support will finally lead to the phone being able to support flash based applications, esp those needed by facebook games. Unconvinced? Simply imagine being able to play Plants vs Zombies on your phone. No more mashing of four-directional keypads and pressing 2, 6, 8, 4 to go forward, left, backwards and right.

Best thing is, But alas, for all the fun and convenience one can derive from such new inventions, there are always more wholesome and worthy things to hold onto. Like relationships, people around you and yourself. Technology is but a complement to our lives, it is living, feeling people around us that fills it up.


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