Today’s International Water Day as declared by the UN. obviously, not much attention given to it, given that its in its first year. As compared to the famous ”everybody lets turn off our lights for one measly hour” day, both are similar in its importance, self-imposed or not. I just feel slightly irritated about such events. On one hand, it is indeed crucial to raise awareness and acts as a start point for further global action. On the other hand, such events are quite misleading indeed. For the truly uninformed, turning off your lights for an hour constitutes a truly nobel environmental act with far reaching consequences. obviously not, but nobody is doing any follow up to explain the purpose of doing so and taking the advantage to press home the message.

In practical Singapore, practical messages still work the best. The recent advertisement to save water would be a good example, not too much budget put into it, just some drama mama stuff in the beginning and then four or five slides of useful information telling households easy tips to save water. Believe it or not, despite being told years and years ago, some people still find it new and novel advice.

And with more infuriating campaigns. Some day soon is supposed to be Mediacorp’s honourable women award or something. So in short its supposed to be a campaign to raise awareness of the impact of women in this world.

The thing is, i have always been a staunch anti-supporter of such campaigns. We don’t need to raise awareness of women’s rights HERE. In less-developed countries, yes maybe. Or we could just use the advertising fees to buy the taliban death. Having a dedicated campaign to honour women, when there is none such for men, further highlights and sets apart the very translucent divide between the sexes. Yes we are different biologically, and in many other ways, but suffice to say, we are of an age where woman and men are almost, if not totally equal in life. More men are marrying into women’s family. Traditions still hold, but there is an unsaid agreement between men and women, that speaks out ”yes there is still a need for tradition, to please our parents, but inside us we all know its just for show, we are actually more or less equal. The wife may marry into the husband’s family, but she may very well be the main breadwinner too.”

Worse still, the campaign sets out to glorify the achievements of women. It is as if they are saying, ”there is not enough that women are doing in the world. Men are still doing everything right and gaining all the credit! We have to publicise the FEW GREAT and WORTHY achievements of women”. Of course that is not true. Women may still work more than men but earn less salary, but fact is that women are smarter than men now.

But perhaps i’m just missing the whole point of the campaign, and women, who afterall are born with the compulsive need to share and connect do prefer to do things this way. It just angers me that out there some people will just guffaw and mock women for needing such campaigns to prove their place in the world.

Oh and anyway this will be the first post on my new blog skin! done by my dearest aww it looks real great 😀


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