Post Brunei

Probably will take some time to come out with a full account of my ”wonderful” 24 days in the jungles of Brunei but meanwhile, some interesting short snippets of my time there.

Somewhere towards the last days in Lakiun Camp (thats the camp where we stayed in for the majority of our jungle training) we were supposed to go to the medical centre for some height and weight to determine the weight loss from JCC. Granted, mine was like almost negligible but thats not the point. Pasted on the outside of the centre were some interesting medical facts and what not, but one of them caught my attention.

There was this english nurse who had served for 30 plus years, and throughout the years had seen the passing of many men and women on their deathbeds. In her account, she reveals the 5 most common regrets that her patients reveal to her on their deathbeds, with their dying breaths.

Firstly: A good lot of people sincerely regretted not spending enough time with their family. Most spent too much time on their career, or simply were not able to balance between life and work. Almost all said that they would gladly earn less to spend certain special moments with their children. Men were the overwhelming majority of this particular category.

Second: Many regret not living life with their true self, their true personality. Most of the time, we hide behind certain personas in certain situations so that it may be of benefit to us, like being tactful to a boss’s seemingly wrong judgement. Most people regret not being more honest to themselves, and expressing themselves more openly for fear of reprisal. The most heard line from patients: ”i wonder how things would have turned out if I really told him off at that point of time instead of keeping things to myself.”

Third: Many wished that they had appreciated their parents more. More often than not, only when they have reached parenthood themselves do they realize all the pain their parents had went through. And more often than not, when they have reached that point, its already all too late. Many regretted not expressing their appreciation, and even complaining about the inconveniences their parents have brought to them in their old age. This third regret is also the one regret that many a tear would be shed for.

Fourth: Almost all patients went with dreams unfulfilled, but many more went with childhood dreams forgotten and tossed away in the back of their minds, until their final moments. Simple matters like visiting some musuem or finally going out with friends for a backpack vacation were never realised simply due to the lack of commitment, not a lack of resources.

Fifth: Probably one of the saddest, but many died regretting err..err…okay i forgot the last one :/ something to do with cherishing friends or whatnot.

Point being, we should all work towards a balanced life so that we wont have all these regrets in our later lives!


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