As most people around me know, i recently injured my knee. Whether its a tear or a twist or anything is still unknown to me. The bloody medical centre still has not called me for my orthopedic appointment. What I do know is that it is sufficiently crippling, causing me difficulty in running and other movements which i used to be able to do when I was in optimal condition. These past few days, the spectre of OOC did loom over me. Corporal Amol was also there to add to it, asking me to ”come over to the dark side~”. But I ain’t no Amol. Even if i did took an arrow to the knee, it won’t stop me that easily.

Because yesterday, I had a talk with my section mate mooris, who sprained his ankle since service term and more recently tore a ligament climbing up Mt Biang during JCC. He still made it through. He tells me that it still hurts, but he won’t give up that easily. Of course, all this references were made with regards to my condition now. Its a simple choice. Take the choice to not aggravate the knee anymore and head straight to the MO on monday to ask for OOC, or take the fight all the way to the end-risking a lot of things along the way. I may make it through CSB, the 32km route march on tuesday but who knows if my condition might worsen and sit me out for thailand, in which case i will still OOC.

For me, the deciding factor will be due to myself, and my girl. I can’t possibly let myself down at this stage. I know i have it in myself. I rarely give up. In secondary school, the CCA leaders all went through a memorable leadership course whereby each of us were given a unique notebook, each with a picture of a famous leader and his most famous quote. Mine was Winston Churchill i think, and it said: ”Never, ever, ever, give up.” Its not as simple as it looks. Never give up just tells us not to give up when the going gets tough. Never, ever, ever, give up, tells us not to give up, even when we know its time to give up. Ever since JCC ended, I felt like there was nothing to strive towards anymore. With this newfound challenge, I have something to fight against, something to acheive, because every run completed will be an acheivement to me, even if its not for others. Most importantly, Its not only for me, but for my girlfriend who has supported me thus far and has been so understanding even when she’s supposed to be quite the easily-angered girl. I can’t possibly let her down, can I?


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