There are just some moments in Life that one would remember for a long time. Don’t you look back sometimes and smile innately (or sometimes very outwardly) at the recollection?

Here are some memories that really tickle me…

There was once when I was in J1 and when all the odac seniors were still around. I remember being at the stage when I was still practicing card tricks on others and had recently developed the habit of doing it on girls as part of my ‘ba mei’ tricks. Silly I know…but hey it was really fun when theory turns into reality. I remember one particular night I actually asked rachael to come over and spare me ‘a few minutes’ of her time. I then proceeded to blah blah blah and eventually it got to the part where I had to cover her hand with mine. Hahahahahahahaha I think I actually blushed when I remembered that part.

On the topic of card tricks, there was the one when I tried (and succeeded!! I obstinately insist) to trick jacq during night cycling. We were sitting in a circle outside the Changi Village hawker centre and I actually brought a pack of cards out (feeling real silly here) but no matter! I remember how sweet and child-like we were…engrossed in our own world and pretending that the others were still busy doing their own socialising. Oh well, it didn’t turn out that well because she wasn’t really convinced…or was she? Haha I guess I won’t ever know.

Recently I had a friend who was absolutely amazed by how google maps can actually zoom in all the way until one can see the actual real-time pictures of the place. Yes folks, its called Street-View. Well, my other friend proceeded to do this: search up White House on google maps, and go into the street view tour of the place itself. I swear, its about probably the nearest I could get to seeing someone’s expression of MIND-BLOWN.

I can’t really remember more but I swear there is more! I shall make another post about this….


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