Xbox One…The One?


Today’s Digital Life ran a short section on the release of the Xbox One. Truth be told I have been actively following techcrunch and engadget for the past few months for tidbits of information on this make-or-break console (same goes to PS4). From early releases about a ”Xbox 720” to an estimated retail price of USD500, rumours true and false were rampant on the net.

A bit of an introduction to Microsoft’s and Sony’s little gaming empire. People play games on consoles still because of its convenience and relatively good performance, compared to PC gaming. Its like a choice between a user-friendly Iphone and a rooted, heavily modded android phone. I play on the Xbox because back in my time I couldn’t even play Battlefield on my PC. Frustrated, I went to join my friends who were already playing on the Xbox.

Today, shooting up American noobs and zombies on Call of Duty is one of our great get-together activity. We exchange games that we had played through, and frequently spend frantic moments getting last-minute goals in Fifa. I not only use my Xbox 360 to play games, I use it to watch Youtube, and stream movies from my laptop. I would say its quite a good bargain, even considering the amount of money spent on games and Xbox Live subscription.

So whats my gripe about the upcoming Xbox One? Maybe we should take a look at the improvements first.

1. Finally, a Blu-ray player. Not like the PS3 or PS4 is behind in this.

2. USB 3.0 ports (but still useless if it requires you to reformat the drive to be ”Xbox Compatible”)

3. Very crucially – built in wifi with wifi-direct.

4. Inbuilt Kinect

5. The new controller has individual vibration motors for its left and right trigger-the buttons for shooting and acceleration in most games. That just means a more immersive and unique experience, if one doesn’t find it gimmicky.

6. Increased capacity for Xbox Live-apparently they only had 15000 servers currently and plan to increase it to 300k. Explains why my players move like a lousy stick animation in Fifa.

Now for the poodoohs.

1. If you and your friends used to buy different games just to swap with each other when you are done, that will be a thing of the past, for Xbox One. Once you insert a newly bought game into the One, you will be required to install the game onto the device and no one else can use it anymore. No one.

This is Microsoft’s way of saying, fuck you game sharers, I want more moolah for my games muahaha. Amazingly, they have also announced that there will be a a new market for used games, gamers will have to fork out an extra fee to play other people’s used games. In my time, we call that second hand games.

2. No backwards compatibility. They are claiming that the new engine is too advanced to play ”backwards” games. Its a decent reason, but when one of Msoft’s head honcho comes out and say ”if you’re backwards compatible, you are really backwards” it just tastes bad and leaves an awful, sick taste in all gamer’s mouths. Having backwards compatibility is not about being too poor to buy new games or appreciating new breakthoughs in gameplay. Its about relieving the past, like what we do with Pac-Man and the likes.

3. There are rumours that the camera sensor in the One will always be on. Its not like I’m going to be placing my device facing my bed but, its going to be creepy. It makes robot apocalypse seem one step closer. To think Msoft is always questioning Google about its privacy policies.

The biggest gripe for me personally is with regards to games. Its always about the games, down to it all. There is always a saying among my friends that for the whole year, if we can only buy 2 games, Fifa and Call of Duty would last us all the way. It seems that the 360 is really getting left on the shelf, with Fifa 14 and COD Ghosts slated for release on the One. If the One is priced below USD500, I will go for it :S


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