#rant – Facebook grievances

should I make a post about my supposedly private break-


Why do people have to whine and moan on social media? Honestly that is not even a statement but a question. I have seen the whole spectrum of posts ranging from the petty to the suicidal. People have no qualms about posting things like ”Very very depressed now. :(” and when someone asks after them, they reply with a ”no la I’m fine :D”. I take issue not with the emotional struggles they face, but their decision to put it out there, on everyone’s feed.

What is the point of doing so? The few reasons I can come up with are to indirectly tell their close friends that they are having issues, or quite simply a plea for support. Of course, attention-seeking can be one of them too.

My biggest gripe is this: there must be a story or context for all of such posts; if not there there is no reason to post it up anyway. Social sites like Facebook and twitter are giving us less reason to think over our actions and how they affect our social circle. Social media nowadays is supposed to be a fast-paced, skimmed-through feed of whimsical thoughts and updates but people are using it to broadcast emotionally ”heavy” and issues that are meant to be discussed with great depth.

Whatever happened to the good old days where people used to socialize online over blogs? I really felt the transition from blogging to facebooking (most of us weren’t on the friendster or myspace bandwagon) was a step backward in some ways. Remember when you would ask your friend for his/her blog address and go home to check it out, and thereafter ask him/her to link it to your own blog? Remember when you would go home to check your chatbox and see which one of your friends had dropped by to comment or if any faker is has posted any ”flame” comments? There was so much personal interaction then and it felt more like a closely knit community where you could express your views to your circle of friends, at your own time.

There are some things that are meant to be talked out and similarly there are some where there should be a choice for the viewer/reader to access it. My father used to tell me to ”think through your words twice before spitting it out to avoid looking stupid”. I believe this applies everywhere, including online. Let it not be mistaken with ”speaking your mind” for that is an unhesitating act of expressing your own view but still with the reservation of considering your words.

Of course, no one has the luxury of time nowadays to sit down and compose a blog post, as compared to spending just a few seconds on your smartphone to send out a post. I still believe in quality over quantity when it comes to communications, which I am sure many will agree with me, when they realize the difference between the two.


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