#rant – Perspectives of stress

Easier said then done,

I have no idea why am I writing now. Middle of the night in hall and listening in to Vietnamese and Chinese conversations.

4 weeks into uni life and I now understand why my friend closed down her blog after entering uni almost 2 years ago. Time really waits for no man here and even now I feel like time is really running out. Its at this period of time where the word ”Stress” will hang on everyone’s lips.

While having one of these ”Stressful’ moments I digressed a bit from work and came across a recent TEDx video on ‘How to make stress your friend’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcGyVTAoXEU which basically talks about how people suffer from the ill effects of stress IF they view stress negatively, while people who view stress positively gets no harm from it.

Very simply put, if we view stress as our body mentally and physically preparing itself to overcome a challenge instead of worrying about the increased heartbeat, sweaty palms etc, we will have a much better time. The more I thought about it, the more it sounds like what I always heard in my army days which is to ‘don’t think so much, just do only’. Sounds damn layman and crude but there is so much wisdom in it, because the more we overthink things, the less we have in ourselves to focus on the present. Another takeaway I had is to simply think positive, because no matter how bad the situation is, the first step to overcoming it is to trick yourself into believing it can be done.

My closest friends know that the principal I value most in life is balance as I used to be an extremist. This can’t be more true in uni. I see the whole spectrum of society here, from people who mug hard and have no life (no stereotyping here, its true) to people who care only about fun to the people who have too much of a life that they end up having no life. This really pushes me to believe that uni isn’t about grades or the friends you make, its a test of how you balance your life out healthily. Its just like how we go through our first sem in uni and ask ourselves ‘so how will the questions in the exam look like?’ and similarly we will go through uni and ask ourselves ‘so what does my gpa allow me to do?’.

Had a talk recently with a friend who is in her final year and her troubles are as to whether she would get an offer from the firm that she wants. Legit concern and probably one that most people are facing. For now, my current concern is making sure my tutorials are done…which in any case is not 😦

I don’t normally stop writing abruptly but I’m too tir


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