maythe4th be with you

Every single time, something major had to happen during the finals period. Last year, Maythe4th (a pun on May the Force be with you from Star Wars) was celebrated at Jurong Regional Library which was really close to school but I was too busy preparing for finals. Last semester, Interstellar came out and I had my finals on the last day so by the time I finished, it finished screening too.

This year, May the 4th was held at Suntec on 2nd and 3rd May and guess what.

Disney logo had to ruin it

Much smaller than I expected though, holding something at Suntec naturally gave the impression that it would be some entire convention hall event, sort of like comic con but noooo it was like held at the atrium of some sort. It was still a mini nerdgasm though, looking at all the lightsaber replicas and figurines on display.

The funniest thing has got to be the kids on stage for the lightsaber duelling workshop. But honestly, looking at them, I saw beyond just the ridiculousness of the whole situation. I was reminded of myself and what Star Wars meant to me.

Back when I was a little kid and the Internet was still accessed on Netscape, I remember browsing my father’s collection of VCDs in those quaint squarish CD jewel cases and chancing upon The Phantom Menace. Even though my official Star Wars education did not begin with A New Hope, it was more than made up with by my discovery of the Expanded Universe. I picked up my first novel, which was the paperback edition of A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and ROTJ. I then chanced upon one of the first books of The New Jedi Order, when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded. I was perplexed at the sudden onslaught of new characters like Han’s kids and Luke’s wife, which gave me my first ever nerdgasm – that there was life after ROTJ. Mind you, this wasn’t like fan fiction. It was real, paperback books that smelled so good.

I fell head first into the Star Wars universe, and it was a special, precious thing I held to myself, untainted by anything else. Nobody else in my social circle had the least interest in Star Wars (or some would confuse with Star Trek). It was one of those things that we pursue for its own sake, not out of peer pressure or anything like that. It was absolutely awesome.

In primary 5, we had a break during class and Ms Tang (our form teacher) actually allowed us to use the computers in the class room to play. Back then, Adventure Quest and Neopets was the in thing (HAHA seriously.) I remember whipping out my Star Wars book to read. The teacher actually approached me and remarked on how I would rather read my book than play on the computer. It wasn’t wayang or anything. Star Wars was my idea of fun.

And it is funny that none of this would ever have happened if it was not for my dad. Not only about him having Episode 1 on some shelf, but the fact that he was so nurturing and encouraging along the way. I don;t think he knew anything much about Star Wars, but everytime we went to Kinokuniya, I would go straight to the science fiction section and bend down, looking at the latest releases. I would grab one of them and flip to the timeline near the content page to see what else was missing. And more often than not, I would choose a book (or 2, or 3, one time 5) and my father would take one look at it and buy it. Every trip to the bookstore held promises of more adventure for me.

Similarly, I finally met some like-minded people in my life and it just so happens that their dads were also the ones who started it all for them. Let’s not talk about Star Wars. Parenting is just such a wonderful thing. I don’t think my dad knows this but he was really amazing. Everything they do, or do not do (like open your doors at night) plays an important role in shaping a person. To me, this is a timely reminder to appreciate my parents, especially so as it will be Mother’s Day next Sunday.


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