Are consequences a form of disincentive?

Consequences as defined by a few dictionaries refer to a result or an outcome, typically unwelcome and unpleasant. I pondered a bit at how could something be unwelcome yet pleasant. Ice cream on a diet perhaps? But anyway, there does seem to be a negative connotation to the word.

Life is a careful balance of managing consequences. Some pay less heed while some stay paralysed with indecision with fear of suffering the consequences.

I’m sitting on the fence now and for the first time in my life I truly fear the consequences of the choices I am going to take. Nothing has mattered that much before and its a bit jarring to even consider the acute fear of moving fractional steps ahead only for the entirety to crumble.

When there are so many words, so many vibes, so many clues left scattered about, when there are no clear boundaries and sure-fire signs, do you trust on your instincts? Is a small glimmer of hope able to stand up to the weight of the consequences behind it?

At least the very heart is true and clear.

Or are there some things in life that are so momentous that its consequences are of no concern in the backdrop of the matter itself?


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