Star Wars Final Trailer

1. The start (cinematics and music) draws an eerie parallel to Interstellar.


2. Annie version 2? But its both a daunting and admirable move on Walt Disney’s part, introducing a new character from the ground up. Who are you? I’m nobody.


3. Hunger Games vibe much. Imperial Remnants?

Screenshot_102115_025535_AM Screenshot_102115_025801_AM

4. Kylo Ren has to have one of the most disappointing Sith helmet/mask of all time. Okay not counting Darth Plagueis that guy is some ugly ass shit.


5. So at first in trailer 2 I thought the Vader helmet shot was some nostalgic narration by Luke who like, kept it as a memento in his new home or something. Boo hoo how wrong was I.


6. So now everyone is strong in the Force? Even the pilot?


7. I actually love how there are so many dogfights in the atmosphere instead of space, there’s just so much more that could go wrong. And come on, that’s just a wonderful excuse to finally put in all the sound effects you could want.

Screenshot_102115_021358_AM Screenshot_102115_021317_AM

8. I have never been much of a Solo fan until I read the Solo trilogy, and even up till now I was more interested for a glimpse of Luke. The Force Awakens really awoke some nostalgia-yearning part of me. From the closing scene in trailer 2 (yes, the one that had everyone up in arms) to this scene where Han sagely acknowledges the existence of the Force, it is going to be a real hard pill to swallow if Disney somehow decides that Han will go. Hokey religions and ancient weapons, its true. All of it.


9. Luke and Han from A New Hope? I sincerely believe that this movie is going to be an earth-shattering blockbuster purely based on showcasing as much of these nostalgia filled moments as they can.


10. I am still hoping hoping with all my might that this is Luke we are looking at here. It was his right hand that got cut off, right???


11. Okay here’s the less fun part. WHO DIES. WHO??? I swear if its chewie…alright I don’t even want to think about it. Here’s hoping its a new JarJar Binks.


12. Nothing more classic than “Alright we go again.”


13. THIS. What extent of Leia’s courtship will Disney agree to show?? If any at all? And. WHERE IS LUKE.


14. Finn vs Kylo Ren seems set to have a worse ending than Luke vs Vader judging from John Boyega’s WTF-HAVE-I-GOTTEN-MYSELF-INTO face.


So. There it is. The final trailer shown at half-time of some ESPN Monday Night Football show. I forgive Disney for all the weird cross-marketing promotion it tries so hard to drive at, because with the 3 trailers so far, I find it hard to pick on Walt Disney’s storytelling brilliance.

Do we have a clue on what the plot is going to be about? Do the rebels come out to save the day again and blow up some superweapon? Is there going to be some sinister plot unveiled again? Do we know for sure where and how the characters fit into the story? NO WE DO NOT! And that is the amazing part about it all.

As one YouTube comment succinctly rounds it up:

The first trailer was the exciting one that told us that this was actually happening.

The second one was the emotional one that told us that we were coming home.

The third one was the intriguing one that blew away parts of our speculation and ultimately, tells us to shut up, strap up and get ready for the revival of a new order.


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