Remember December

I had a really long hiatus from blogging due to finals and a really packed (in a good way) December. I guess its symbolically the last December of my academic years? Which was why the family took the opportunity to squeeze in a few more trips before I start working and all.

More than ever before it made me realize how well travelled Singaporeans are. The December period is probably the month where there are the least Singaporeans remainining in the country. I run into people at the airport, all embarking on their trips either with family or friends. The realized the extent of this when the fishmonger at the wet market at Farmmart told us that they stocked less fish in December as there were a lot less customers.

We are definitely a lucky bunch and this has in itself created a few first world problems.


My December sounded more or less like this:

Flew off the day after my last finals to Melbourne, touched down Monday morning and switched bags for a short JB staycay right after, had a week long reservice the next Monday which I left early for a morning flight out to Japan on Friday. I won’t deny that the reservice – Japan transition was quite literally hell to heaven.


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