Simplicity in Training

There are tons of exercise/training/wellness apps out there that offer workouts, training tips and all and don’t get me wrong but they are quite beneficial.

But it does not have to be so complicated and unguided. Sometimes we just need a simple tool and an even simpler interface to refer to exercises we may not have seen before. One of the most common reasons why people do not stick to a training regime is the unavailability of the particular machine or free weight, and not knowing the alternative to it. Or even how to do it.

 1 Straight-Legged Deadlifts Straight-Legged-Deadlift-thumbnail.gif 4 set 8-12
60s rest
2 Dumbbell Clean Dumbbell-Clean-Squats-thumbnail.gif 3 set 8-12
60s rest
4 Front Squats Front-Squat-thumbnail.gif 1 warm up
3 set 14-16,
10-12, 6-8
60-90s rest
drop set fin
5 Barbell Hack Squats Hack-Squats-thumbnail.gif 3 set 10-12
60s rest

*gifs are sourced from various sites, not my own

Just as a sample, I have always used such training programs myself. Its as simple as viewing them on a platform like Evernote and most importantly it can be viewed offline. Progression can even be tracked by adding columns in the table.

Leave a comment if you’re interested to try one out.


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