NTU NBS Specialisation FAQ – Business Analytics

Most of the FAQs here have been reproduced from previous comments and inquiries about the spec from various sources.

For a review of the BA specialisation on a whole, click here.

For a review of the other specialisations from a few year 3s, click here.

Q: Do we need programming background to take up BA?

A: It cannot be emphasized enough that there is no need to have programming and coding knowledge! Most of us have thrived (or survived) till now without any. That being said, its always good to pick up a programming language or 2 to get on the same page as the engineers and developers you might work with in the future. R and Python are quite popular and we actually offer supplementary courses during the semester, in the IT labs in school. Look out for the email blast from the school.

Q: What modules other than the compulsory ones should I take for a good strategic fit?

A: Right now it would seem that you can choose 3 from 5 BA Prescribed Electives.

  • BC3401 Enterprise Processes & Analytics
  • BC3402 Financial Service Processes & Analytics
  • BC3403 Social Media & Digital Analytics
  • Lean and Process Analytics
  • Service Operations Analytics

Honestly, the best way is to read the course outline and if you do have a clear idea what you want to do (which most of us do not), choose the 3 that best complements your future career in terms of the skills learnt.

If not, most people either select the PE that their friends choose or you could ask people who have taken it. One way is to ask on the BA Facebook page or ask around.

Q: Exchange???

A: For exchange so far as its a fairly new specialisation, most of my peers who went on exchange to Taiwan or Canada cleared BC2406 Analytics 1. Some of the modules that are matchable overseas are BC2402 Designing and Developing Databases and BC3403 Social Media & Digital Analytics. See what other mods that have been matched before here.

To be perfectly honest some of the modules have entirely new course outlines and its true that it would be harder to match. Do plan around for some of the modules that are only available in semester 1 or 2. Refer to this post for a pictorial breakdown of which modules are available in which semester.

Q: Should I follow strictly to the recommended curriculum and plan my courses as recommended?

The recommended curriculum does not take into account factors like going for exchange etc. If you intend to clear Analytics modules on exchange, be sure to plan 3 or 4 semesters ahead. If a particular module is one of the only modules offered for exchange, you might not want to take it in NTU.

Also do take note that some courses are only offered in either Sem 1 or Sem 2 and have pre-requisites, such as Analytics 1 in Sem 1 and Analytics 2 in Sem 2. Missing out on Analytics 1 in Sem 1 will effectively mean you can only clear it in the next academic year.
Other factors include the intensity of the modules you will be taking, as well as your workload for that semester. Accounting modules and other heavyweights like Principles of Management (POM) are modules that will take up a large part of your time, so you might want to S/U electives that semester instead of trying to score for them.

Q: What are some of the programming languages we will be learning from the BA modules?

A: As of now, BA 1 will be teaching R (what is R?) and BA 2 will be based on SAS (SAS Website). Other skills/programming languages such as R, Python and Excel VBA are taught through supplementary courses held every semester outside of school hours. Look out in the school email for more information!



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