Easy resources for creating ppt decks

*For future reference*

Slide Carnival (http://www.slidescarnival.com/)

What’s it for: Good starting point for every slide deck, use the different templates to suit the presentation needs and vibe. Best thing is, they have re-sizable icons and placeholders that are really easy on the eye.


How to use: Choose a template (take note of the screen layout 16:9 or 4:3), open up in Google Slides, Go to File -> Make a copy and start editing. Alternatively, download it as a ppt. file and download the font family from the last slides. Remember, using exclusive fonts means you have to present from your device straight.


Canva (https://www.canva.com/)

What’s it for: An all around media creation platform, Canva can be used to create collaterals and many kinds of design work without opening dedicated programs like Adobe Photoshop. Its ideal for people who want a quick and dirty way to design a poster for next week’s sales promotion but have no design background. It comes with many templates and icons and in-built design ideas. You can actually create an entire ppt deck in Canva and export to PDF.


How to use: Everything is done on the web, so if you have a very bad connection you may want to consider an alternative as things get quite laggy after a while. Choose a template (they have everything from powerpoints to flyers, all sized accordingly) and proceed to add your designs. You can import external images too. If you use paid icons, just export the image with watermarks its actually not very obvious.

If you want to use the icons or shapes in Canva, simply drag them to a white template and export as PNG. Open up GIMP or Photoshop etc, and use the lasso or marquee tool to select the object and either 1. Right click, select inverse and delete the background or 2. Press Ctrl+J to copy out the outline only. (http://photoshop-tutorial.org/basics/cutting-out-an-object-without-having-background/) Either way save the shape or icon as a PNG file with transparent background.

Icons: Noun Project (https://thenounproject.com/)

What’s it for: ICONS. ‘Nuff said. Every deck needs icons and this site has everything.


How to use: Simply search the kind of icon you need (eg. E-commerce, supply chain etc) and download the icon, but choose to credit the owner instead of buying it. Paste the icon into your deck and crop it so that only the icon is shown but do remember to credit all the owners at the last slide of your deck.

Infogr.am (https://infogr.am/app/#/library)

What’s it for: Creating quick and dirty data visualizations. Think bar charts,  pictorials, word clouds etc.


How to use: Have an idea of what story you want to tell with your data first. Is it a comparison between revenues across a few firms? A simple bar chart could be perfect. Are you trying to find a pictorial representation for “3 out of 4” teenagers are connected to social media? A pictorial can do that. After getting the image, use the Snipping tool to cut that image and paste it into your deck.

Do note that obviously, many of the charts can be done in powerpoint and at a higher resolution too. Use such tools if you really want to go off the mainstream path or if you really need the specific tools such as a gauge chart or a word cloud.


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