new beginnings

On work:

It’s probably been 6 weeks into my first ever full time job and it feels unreal and very fortunate at the same time. The transition wasn’t all that smooth, I was looking at job openings at the end of the first week (not even kidding) but things are better now. Work does change one’s perception of money, life, responsibilities and so on. I wonder how will I change but I hope its for the better and for those around me to accept it. Perhaps more on work in another post.

On graduation:

Just a few days ago we ‘graduated’ with minimal fanfare at some school organised convocation ball. Probably too old to attend prom but I was glad it wasn’t some full blown networking session either. Attending graduation events long after the semester has ended, and even worse, when work has already started kind of takes the whole joy of graduation away actually. Yes we made it so far (quarter life??) but indeed more lies ahead. Seeing friends all around just makes me wish that school didn’t had to end.

On being an alumni:

This part is interesting though. Even though its just a matter of months in seniority, I feel the need and capability to start giving unsolicited advice and rope in a few mentees under my belt. Alright I kid but I think having actual responsibility really mellows you and I’m just thankful for being able to secure a job upon graduation. Being able to give back is one of the things that many should strive for (and which I am glad to be able to).

On my first client meeting:

I feel that consulting work can be quite tough and unfairly perceived because everyone thinks its just a matter of putting down the client to make a case for your services. I wonder if tech consulting has a better reputation (because there are ultimately deliverables) but nevertheless, work is still work. It took quite long but it was finally time to face an actual client and I believe that to all those who think that a business degree adds no value, I can finally say otherwise. There’s so many layers of human interaction going on that if you don’t instinctively tune into the “project mode” that many of us have honed hammering out projects and presentations in a group, one will be left overwhelmed.

On life:

I think in general life gets better when you learn to be thankful for the things you have, be patiently hardworking for the things you want and to be appreciative for both. Being thankful is not only about being appreciative, its also about making it known to your external environment. And as for being appreciative of things that you don’t have – it may sound counter-intuitive but one has to appreciate the process of working for something and living in the anticipation of it.

Then again, not everything is so simple. Maybe really growing up is learning how to push away the things you want to hold most dear.


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