Once in a while, you get this feeling that you are embarking on a whole new journey in life. Every day brings newfound wonder and things seem to change but don’t quite change that much. Life is still nonetheless mundane in nature; we eat the same, we do the same and we live the same life. But we don’t quite feel the same; layers and layers seem to add on to existence and before the realisation sets in, life just ain’t the same anymore 🙂

I’ve had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of an unassuming, warm-souled lady roughly a year ago who’s now my partner-in-crime in many of the things we do. A relationship is a daunting and beautiful thing to get into, for all the same reasons. To the playful sprite that has captured my imagination and my heart – I feel that there is no better way to dedicate my affection for her than through the medium of writing, a common love that we share.

When you get to know a person, what do we really uncover? Interests, habits, pet peeves, favourites, so on and so forth. We hear people use the word “nice” all the time to describe others – be it for a lack of a better word or for the fact that it’s really quite easy to be nice most of the time. When we look at an individual’s social circle, however, we see a reflection of past, present and future. How we treat our friends from the day we first met them, how we keep in contact and maintain relationships and how we prove our ties to be strong enough to stay in touch for the days ahead. Something that has intrigued me to no end in recent times.

In mathematical terms (pardon me), when two individuals get together, their social circles should collide (if they don’t, you get what is called a toxic spiral of isolationist inter-possession). A few things can happen.

  1. A left join is when one individual introduces their other half to all of their own social circle and gets introduced minimally to the friends of their SO.
  2. An inner join is when they keep only to their mutual friendsImage result for left join
  3. And there is also what they call an outer join where both individuals form a union of their immediate circle (literally, social circle).

The above can definitely feel surreal at times. It feels like a new journey in life, almost like being integrated into another life. And in essence, that’s really what it is. As an introvert, I definitely know my limits when it comes to meeting new people. But sometimes we try because of our trust – trust in your partner and trust in their choice of relations. There is also trust in yourself – trust in your friends in their acceptance and inclusiveness.

It also feels like a newfound family gained overnight. Weird as it may be, I sometimes inevitably take my own parents for granted but it feels like an unfair adoration of the other side which all of a sudden brings about a fresh appreciation for family and the likes.

Life, in all its peculiarities, can be beautiful indeed.


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