Pixel Photos

So I finally got tired and unbelievably frustrated with the state of my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 last month and decided to go all in for my next mobile device.

I think that ever since I splurged on my gaming laptop, I realized that there are just some hard facts that we (or at least, I) just can’t run away from when making decisions on our technological investments.

  1. Amount of time spent on it (almost every waking hour?)
  2. Criticality of everyday moments in life (ooooh look I’ve got to share this picture on snapchat *opens app* *phone hangs*)
  3. Less cognitive processing (better UI can have a drastic impact on your mental health)

So long story short, I bombed out on the most overpriced but highly coveted phone at that time – the Google Pixel. Mind you, this was just 2 weeks before rumours of the Pixel 2 (Walleye and Muskie) started surfacing. Oh well.

I bought it for a few reasons – a burning desire to see what was the big G capable of delivering in terms of hardware, its claim-to-fame rear-end camera, pure stock android and 99% control of your phone (still can’t delete the Playstore without rooting it) and of course, just me being a Google fanboy.

I am not going to go into a full length review of the phone here – I’ll leave that for 5 months later and do a 6-month status update of the phone and see how it fares against the ailing battery performance of iPhones and lagginess of Samsung phones.

For now, I just want to share what this baby’s rear end (camera) is capable of:

Dusk at Marina



Tulipmania 2017 @Gardens by the Bay – Aperture shots

Apparently the lens blur function doesn’t always work as intended:


The sheer hordes of people there on a Sunday:

Star Wars MayThe4th Celebrations, again at Gardens by the Bay but this time at the Supertrees Grove – pretty damn incredible a sight to behold:


It was a chance to see how grainy the night shots could get for the Pixel but I would say that with HDR+ on, the digital processing really reduced a lot of the noise. Artificially or not, I can’t say that much.

Also took the chance to test out the brightness adjustments – the difference was quite drastic:

At this point I’m wondering if WordPress will compress my images and do the picture quality a disservice but I shall continue…with an AT-ST set against the backdrop of our national poster boys…

Might I mention that the Star Wars edition of the Garden Rhapsody was like probably the best free thing ever?


That’s no moon…


And of course, I was there for the inaugural Star Wars run as well. Patriotic (all of a sudden?) Star Wars fans wielding lightsabers set against our financial district – nope, never seen that before.


To my favorite series of photos which I legitly think could pass off as a legit default wallpaper on my new phone:


And where the HDR+ truly shone:

Quite afraid the mosaic layout might compromise the quality so here’s a full size shot:


Definitely looking forward to taking more photos with the Pixel. If only there was some easy integration with WordPress without having to upgrade to a business plan :/


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