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Fitness / Tech / Travel

I started blogging ~2009 after realising that it really unsettles me to articulate my thoughts in short thoughts or pictures. I’m naturally long-winded. This blog will have to settle for being my literary dustbin.


I blog on my current fitness program and diet here. Not going to go public until I have something to show for it. More broscience than science science because I generally disagree with science science (cmon, no 2 consecutive gym days??)

Tech / Geek

Huge Star Wars and LOTR fan. My current studies gets me very involved in the ups and downs of the tech industry, and opinionated me loves to make predictions on upcoming trends.


I have been extremely blessed to have parents who can afford to take us out to see the world. Of all the things money can buy, a plane ticket has to be the most valuable. These days I mostly see the world through a GoPro.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I am Aneri here from NBS. I just got accepted into BA Spec:) I was wondering if you have any notes or online stuff that you will be willing to share? I would really appreciate it! Thank you!


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